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Small Business LitigationFrom the Attorneys at Weil & Associates

Today, the litigation and regulatory environment that confronts a small business in California is not very attractive. Weil & Associates is an experienced litigation firm, licensed to practice in all of California's courts and with experience before many of California's regulatory agencies. We are ready to step in if you are facing litigation or regulatory problem. We are also ready to work with you prior to that day, to help avoid these problems.

Most small businesses are operated by a few people who have a vision and the expertise to bring their particular product or service to the market. Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs frequently overlook a number of administrative details that can eventually catch up to them.

The most significant problem for the honest small business person is in the area of communication with the customers or clients of the business. This communication should be in the form of written contracts, work orders, invoices, and other documents that form the relationship between the business and its clients. Many small businesses feel that a "handshake" is sufficient, or that a stack of forms from an office supply store will do the job. These are typically the businesses that become our litigation clients. Give us a call to set up a consultation before you become a litigation client.

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