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Marine Insurance Claimsin Southern California

Weil & Associates provides our clients with exceptional legal advice regarding marine insurance claims. We serve the maritime community throughout California including San Diego, LA County, Long Beach, and Orange County. We have a long history of helping vessel owners who have been denied by their insurance company after filing a claim. The insurance companies usually require the boat owner to fulfill specific obligations in order to receive payment for a claim, and the investigation of the loss is often very complicated. We can help owners to fulfill these requirements and to stay involved in the investigation so that the insurance company is compelled to pay your claim.

Marine insurance claims are unique because of the doctrine of “uberrimae fidei”, which controls many of these policies. This requires the parties involved to deal with each other in terms of “upmost good faith”. This applies to the policy holder, insurance company, and the boat owner. However, the owner can expect to be scrutinized based on the disclosures made at the time the policy contract was made.

Marine Insurance Lawyer

Our firm is an established resource for anyone who needs an expert marine insurance lawyer from Weil & Associates. Disclosure at the time of a vessel purchase is a serious affair, and our attorneys can help to ensure that this process is done correctly. Boat owners can experience frustration with insurance claim denials even over simple mistakes.  We will ensure that the entire claim processing adventure is completed with an eye toward the boat owner's rights.

Boat owners also face warranty issues that require the investment in maintenance so that the boat is always in a seaworthy condition. The warranty doesn’t cover the boat in cases where the vessel sinks at the dock. The insurance company can insist that the vessel wasn’t maintained in seaworthy condition because sinking at the dock is practically the definition of non-seaworthy.

Denial of the insurance claim can cost thousands of dollars, so this is a serious concern for owners. The maintenance of the propeller shaft is critical to avoid an incursion of water, for example. Any dysfunction in the bilge pumps can set off a chain of events that leads to the ship sinking at the dock. This is unfortunate, but it is also common, so insurance companies are aware of the possibility. Every year, insurance companies get dozens of calls from boat owners who have endured this crisis. Our legal firm also receives these distress calls, but our hands are often tied unless we helped the owner understand their legal obligations during the initial insurance contract with the company.

However, we still advise you to contact us well in advance of any problems while still maintaining your boat properly.

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