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Maritime Personal Injury Representationfor Injuries on Recreational Boats and Cruise Ships

An injury at sea may give rise to legal claims against boat owners, builders or designers, and others - it may even give rise to a claim against the boat itself.  The legal landscape that surrounds a maritime personal injury claim is not something that should be handled by a car-crash attorney or other "landlubber."  It requires a unique range of knowledge and experience.

Most maritime attorneys are competent to represent the victim of a maritime personal injury.  However, David Weil has a nautical background that is unique among maritime attorneys.  Prior to law school graduation in 1995, he was a commercial fisherman in Alaska for ten years and a tugboat, workboat and professional yacht captain in California for four years.  He retired from being a professional mariner upon law school graduation, but he has since been extremely active in the Southern California yachting community as skipper/owner of the 40 foot racing yacht "Hurrah" and in the leadership of the Long Beach Yacht Club.  This practical, hands-on maritime experience translates to an understanding of how things work aboard a wide variety of boats, which in turn provides a unique insight into how an injury may have occurred. 

Maritime personal injury cases are controlled by a wide range of state and federal regulations. The laws which are applicable to any particular case will depend upon where the injury took place, whether the injured person was a member of the crew and, if so, the nature of the employment, and an analysis of the insurance coverage that may be available. Please call us for more information or to set up an appointment.  

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