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California Maritime Litigation

Litigation services are necessary for handling various aspects of maritime law.  Weil & Associates provides expert maritime litigation to clients throughout California: San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach and every other coastal community.

Maritime law is a body of law that covers many different waterfront claims, which can be pursued in either state or federal court. Many of these claims aren’t covered under the official terms of maritime law. Instead, maritime law, or admiralty law, is a set of legal concepts that cover claims, defenses and other issues that fall under the admiralty jurisdiction of the U.S. District Courts. However, the U.S. Congress as well as the courts has no consensus on any definition of “admiralty jurisdiction” during almost two centuries of legal history. This can make litigation incredibly complicated, so make sure to use the services of our qualified legal team at Weil & Associates.

Maritime Lawyer for Long Beach, Orange County, and San Diego

Clients who require the services of a maritime lawyer can receive the expert legal assistance necessary to win in court. The team at Weil & Associates understands how to navigate the laws that apply to each individual case. Tort actions are also called negligence claims, and the courts might decide that admiralty jurisdiction can be awarded in the case of an injury that occurred on navigable waters if certain conditions apply.

One of these conditions is that the activity must bear "a significant relationship to traditional maritime activity,” for example. However, contract claims are handled slightly differently. In these cases, the contract must contain subject matter that includes a provision that the activity was intended to be “executed upon navigable waters.”

Some claims that are brought under maritime laws are actually state law claims, so these cases have to be litigated in the state courts. For example, claims involving the construction of a boat or a breach of contract for a boat sale must appear in state courts. In these cases, maritime laws don’t apply. Other claims can be brought to the state or federal courts. Examples include most lien disputes or personal injury claims. An experienced maritime lawyer can determine the strategy for any case, and this includes the applicability of maritime laws.

Weil & Associates provides expert legal services for clients with a case involving maritime law. We have more than a decade of experience litigating all types of claims. This includes cases involving any type of vessel as well as the industries that provide critical support. Call us to set up an appointment or just give us a call, and we will answer all of your questions.

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