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Jones Act Lawyer in California

The firm of Weil & Associates offers exceptional maritime law services to clients throughout California, including San Diego,Long Beach, and Orange County. Workers’ compensation laws function differently when it comes to employees who work at sea, and they are subject to a federal law known as the "Jones Act."

The services of a qualified work boat injury lawyer can help to get the professional mariner compensation for the injury, lost wages and other damages. This can affect anyone who is employed aboard a boat. Our legal team can represent your interests as a Jones Act Lawyer via the commercial side of maritime personal injury litigation.

Call Us When Work Boat Injuries Occur in Long Beach, San Diego, or Orange County

An injured professional mariner will find himself (or herself) under the purview of the Jones Act, which is the federal workers’ compensation system for individuals who are employed on a boat. Clients can benefit from the experience of a lawyer who knows how to handle work boat injuries. When you contact Weil & Associates, you benefit from the services of an experienced lawyer with specialized knowledge and practical experience in this field.

Most maritime attorneys are competent to represent an injured mariner.  However, David Weil has a nautical background that is unique among maritime attorneys.  Prior to law school graduation in 1995, he was a commercial fisherman in Alaska for ten years and a tugboat, workboat and professional yacht captain in California for four years.  This practical, hands-on maritime experience translates to an understanding of how things work aboard a wide variety of boats, which in turn provides a unique insight into how an injury may have occurred. 

Our legal services are invaluable to anyone who has been injured while employed aboard a boat.  Many state and federal regulations affect maritime personal injury cases, as well as questions about  the location where the injury occurred and the identity of the injured person. 

An complicated analysis of tincident is often necessary, so contact us today to get additional information or to set up an appointment.

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